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We publish an interactive report on the key figures of our operations. The report provides information on the operations of the Rescue Department, its annual changes and its developments.

Go to the report: Key figures of the Rescue Department (in Finnish)

The data covers, for example, accident prevention services, alarm tasks and financial and personnel data of the Rescue Department. The performance is aimed at the Rescue Department’s customers, media, partners and stakeholders. (Note: republishing statistics is only allowed with the permission of the Rescue Department.)

The publication has several pages, and you can navigate between the pages by using the arrows in the middle at the bottom of the page or the page number. The diagrams and tables are interactive, which means that the information presented in the graphs can be cropped on the pages by using the offered filters or by selecting a certain category from the graphs, for example.

The Rescue Department publishes similar key figures annually in its annual report. In this presentation, the figures are easily accessible from one place. The online publication of key figures is part of the broader development of the communications and knowledge management of the Rescue Department. The figures are updated annually.