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There are 22 rescue departments in Finland, which are managed by municipalities and which carry out rescue service duties in their regions. Rescue departments cooperate with other authorities and with local residents and communities in the prevention of accidents and maintenance of security. The goal of the Rescue Act is to enable individuals, owners and occupants of buildings, and business and industrial operators to prevent accidents within their living environments and activities, and to prepare for the limitation and avoidance of the losses and consequences of accidents. Everyone can create a safer life and environment through their own activities. 

Security is co-operation!

EU granted Finland funding for fighting forest fires
Finland has received EU funding to build a rescue team for fighting forest fires. The European Commission granted co-financing for a joint project of the rescue departments of South Karelia, North Karelia, South Savo, North Savo and Kymenlaakso for the procurement of special equipment required for a rescue team fighting forest fires.
Press release Rescue services, 26.11.2021 11:27
Additional funding proposed for rescue training, increasing the refugee quota and EXIT activities
In the supplementary budget proposal for 2022, a total increase of EUR 20.4 million is proposed for the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior. Appropriations are proposed for the development of the national security authorities’ KEJO common information system (EUR 6.85 million), for the Emergency Response Centre Administration’s information system fees (EUR 1.3 million) and for the EU Home Affairs Fund item (EUR 8 million) A total of EUR 1.95 million is proposed for strengthening rescue training and an additional EUR 0.3 million for EXIT activities. An appropriation of EUR 1.1 million is proposed for increasing the refugee quota.
Press release Rescue services, 18.11.2021 14:22
Close to EUR 100 million increase proposed for the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch
In the fourth supplementary budget for 2021, a net increase of EUR 99.7 million is proposed for the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior. This includes EUR 65 million for the procurement of new offshore patrol vessels for the Border Guard, EUR 30 million for safeguarding the operations of the police and EUR 10.38 million for the administrative branch’s expenditure arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and internal border controls. 
Press release Rescue services, 4.11.2021 13:38
Finland sends material assistance to help Latvia fight COVID-19 epidemic
Finland will send six ventilators to Latvia to help the country fight the COVID-19 epidemic. The material assistance will be delivered through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.
Press release Rescue services, 29.10.2021 15:58
Attitudes and cooperation decisive in reaching incident prevention targets
The final report on the implementation of the action plan for incident prevention for rescue services has now been published. According to the report, closer cooperation between different actors is needed and tools must be developed for qualitative evaluation.
News item Rescue services, 30.9.2021 12:02
Budget proposal appropriations fail to make up for a deficit that has grown over the years
The 2022 budget proposal envisages a total of some EUR 1,566 million for the main title of the Ministry of the Interior. This total includes EUR 856 million for policing, some EUR 280 million for the Finnish Border Guard, EUR 87 million for rescue services and the Emergency Response Centre Administration, and EUR 160 million for immigration.
Press release Rescue services, 27.9.2021 11:37
New act to manage EU Home Affairs Funds during 2021–2027 programming period
EU:n sisäasioiden rahastojen hallinnoimista varten säädetään uusi laki. Ohjelmakautta 2021-2027 koskevassa laissa säädetään rahastojen ohjelmien hallinnoimisesta ja avustusjärjestelmän toimeenpanemisesta. Valtioneuvosto antoi eduskunnalle hallituksen esityksen laiksi sisäasioiden rahastoista 23.9. 
Press release Rescue services, 23.9.2021 14:28
Rescue Act to be reformed on basis of preliminary study and comments received during consultation round
The Ministry of the Interior has set up a legislative project to prepare urgent and necessary amendments to the Rescue Act. The aim is to update the Rescue Act on the basis of a preliminary study and the comments received on it during the consultation round.
Press release Rescue services, 31.8.2021 10:51
No significant increase in prices from chimney sweeping reform but sweeping intervals have lengthened
The reform of chimney sweeping services, which entered into force in 2019, has not led to a significant increase in the prices of the services. On the other hand, sweeping intervals have lengthened slightly. These conclusions are presented in a study commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior from the University of Eastern Finland.
Press release Rescue services, 25.8.2021 13:52
Flight carrying people evacuated from Afghanistan has arrived in Finland
Finland arranged a flight from Tbilisi to Helsinki on 23 August as part of the evacuations from Afghanistan. A total of 102 persons arrived in Finland on the flight. The youngest arrivals are small children.
Press release Rescue services, 23.8.2021 12:05

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Accident prevention, rescue operations, preparedness and civil defence form a coherent system in Finland that covers all types of incidents from daily accidents to major disasters. In the event of an accident or the threat of one, effective measures are taken to bring people to safety, secure vital functions and limit the impact of the accident.

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