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There are 21 rescue departments in Finland, which are managed by municipalities and which carry out rescue service duties in their regions. Rescue departments cooperate with other authorities and with local residents and communities in the prevention of accidents and maintenance of security. The goal of the Rescue Act is to enable individuals, owners and occupants of buildings, and business and industrial operators to prevent accidents within their living environments and activities, and to prepare for the limitation and avoidance of the losses and consequences of accidents. Everyone can create a safer life and environment through their own activities. 

Security is co-operation!

Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen outside of the Kallio rescue station

Mari Rantanen: “Civil defence is a cornerstone of societal crisis resilience”

On September 14th, the Helsinki City Rescue Department was visited by Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen. Rantanen emphasised how having a sufficient number of knowledgeable in-house and contract rescue personnel is a crucial resource in exceptional situations as well.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 14.9.2023 14:30
Kimmo Kohvakka.

Kimmo Kohvakka to continue to serve as Director General for Rescue Services

On Thursday 21 September, the Government appointed Kimmo Kohvakka, Master of Military Science, as Director General for Rescue Services at the Ministry of the Interior for the period from 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2028.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 21.9.2023 14:32
An electric car charging

How to charge an electric car or bicycle at home?

Charging an electric car at home is safe, but there are risks associated with using a household socket.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 16.8.2023 11:39

Finland preparing to send material assistance to Libya

Libya has requested assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism following the destruction caused by Storm Daniel on 12 September. Libya has requested a wide range of assistance, including shelters, medical supplies and expert assistance.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 14.9.2023 9:06
Henkilö tarkastaa rekassa olevaa materiaalia.

Finland sends more assistance to Ukraine

Finland sent a large amount of wastewater treatment plant equipment to Ukraine at the end of August. The equipment will make a significant contribution to helping Ukraine meet its water supply needs, which have grown during the summer. Finland and the EU have continued their active support of the Ukrainian authorities to mitigate the effects of the Russian attacks.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 31.8.2023 10:00
A photo of an equipment box in a shelter

Most civil defence shelters in Finland are in good condition but some shelter equipment needs maintenance

Finland's civil defence shelters are largely in good repair, but there is still some need for maintenance and repairs. A new Ministry of the Interior study shows that more than 90 per cent of civil defence shelters would provide people with good protection against the effects of conventional weapons. Shelter equipment is in most need of repair. Based on the report, the Ministry of the Interior has drawn up four recommendations for improving the network of civil defence shelters. Finland is not currently facing a military threat.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 28.8.2023 13:58
Ukrainians unload a truck.

Finland sends material assistance to ensure water supply in Ukraine

During the summer, Finland has sent water purification materials, water containers, pumps and intensive chlorination units to Ukraine to strengthen the country’s water supply. In addition, new shipments of water production materials and wastewater purification equipment are under preparation. Finland will continue to support Ukraine.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 21.7.2023 13:49

First group of rescue workers leave for Portugal to fight wildfires

Finland is deploying the first group of 24 rescue workers on Wednesday 16 August to help Portugal manage wildfires.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 14.8.2023 13:36

Europe’s largest CBRN reserve to be established in Finland

At the beginning of the year, Finland received substantial funding of EUR 242 million from the EU Commission for the establishment of a CBRN strategic reserve. Material will be stockpiled in the reserve in case of emergencies involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) threats, accidents and situations, especially in Northern and Eastern Europe, says Project Manager Tarja Rantala.
Column Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 16.8.2023 9:41
The mountain on the horizon is covered with smoke. Five people are on their way to assist in extinguishing the wildfire.

Finland prepares to send international civil protection experts to fight wildfires in Portugal

By decision of the Ministry of the Interior, Finland is preparing to send 48 rescue workers to Portugal to help manage wildfires. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is the employer of the rescue service personnel who will be deployed to Portugal.
Press release Ministry of the Interior Rescue services, 25.7.2023 9:22

Paramedics in front of ambulance

Pelastustoimi -reliable and efficient

Accident prevention, rescue operations, preparedness and civil defence form a coherent system in Finland that covers all types of incidents from daily accidents to major disasters. In the event of an accident or the threat of one, effective measures are taken to bring people to safety, secure vital functions and limit the impact of the accident.

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