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We are Stadin Brankkarit

At the Rescue Department, we do meaningful work. We provide safety and help in times of need. We serve the functions of the capital of Finland and the people living and staying there by preventing accidents and minimising the impact of accidents and emergencies on people, infrastructure and the environment. Our services include preventing accidents, rescue operations, emergency medical service, civil defence and preparedness.

We are known as “Stadin Brankkarit”. Helsinki Rescue Department employs approximately 800 people, approximately 600 of whom work in rescue operations. We also employ full-time paramedics, fire inspectors, safety trainers and experts in civil defence, preparedness and security of supply.

The special expertise of Helsinki City Rescue Department’s personnel is excellent, and the rescue equipment is diverse and modern. In this way, we respond to the threats that the capital city and its functions, as well as its people and infrastructure, are facing.

Helsinki City Rescue Department has an excellent reputation and citizens’ trust.

More than 500 Rescue Department employees work in operative rescue missions. The work of a rescue paramedic demands multi-skilled expertise. The rescue paramedic is often the first helper at the scene of an accident. The work includes extinguishing fires, rescuing people, protecting property, caring for and transporting patients, providing safety advice and education and maintaining standby readiness. The normal work shift is 24 hours, 12 hours of which is performed on fire and rescue missions in a rescue unit and 12 hours in emergency medical service duties in an ambulance. After the shift, the employee has three days off.

Helsinki City Rescue Department has an excellent reputation and citizens’ trust. T-Media’s Reputation&Trust survey on public administration from 2022 shows that the most reputable organisations in the general public’s opinion are the Finnish Border Guard and the rescue departments. Citizens trust that Helsinki Rescue Department operates correctly and responsibly and there are no critical development targets in our strong reputation. The Helsinki safety survey of 2021, in turn, shows that Helsinki residents’ trust in the Rescue Department is solid: 94 per cent of the respondents trust the Rescue Department very much or quite a lot. The proportion of those who trust us very much is 64 per cent.

Helsinki City Rescue Department is part of the City of Helsinki Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division, and the people working at the department are part of the City of Helsinki’s personnel. Helsinki is the largest employer in Finland, with more than 40,000 employees. The City of Helsinki produces well-being and services for the residents of the capital city. We offer the benefits of a large employer, safe employment relationships and the opportunity for development.

We can be found on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn as @stadinbrankkari.