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Helsinki City Rescue Department has separate equipment and an animal rescue unit to helps pets and production animals in distress in Helsinki. Our animal rescue unit also takes care of situations where a wild animal poses a danger or major harm to humans or it is not possible to rescue the animal on one’s own and without auxiliary means.

Our animal rescue unit is prepared to combat infectious diseases of animal origin and provide protective equipment to other authorities. The Rescue Department also trains, guides and maintains the animal rescue unit of the contract fire brigades.

As in other duties of rescue services, the animal rescue unit is alerted to the duties based on the risk assessment carried out by the Emergency Response Centre.
You can call the emergency number 112 in matters related to animals if

  • the animal causes disorder or danger to people or traffic
  • the animal needs to be rescued from a place from which it cannot escape on its own and without auxiliary means
  • it is an acute animal welfare matter, such as a seriously injured animal or ongoing cruelty to animals.

If the Emergency Response Centre does not forward the task to the authorities, the finder can primarily contact the Wildlife Hospital in Korkeasaari and deliver the injured wild animal there during its opening hours.