The Deputy Mayor arrived on a museum fire truck

Publication date 21.11.2023 12.35 | Published in English on 27.11.2023 at 14.22
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Three men cutting a hose.
Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade transferred its operations to a new fire station. Photo: Lassi Rinne

Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade transferred its operations to a new fire station in Jätkäsaari in early November.

The opening ceremony included the cutting of a fire hose, which Deputy Mayor Daniel Sazonov and Senior Executive Fire Officer Tomi Kuusamo performed without a hitch. The two arrived ceremoniously on a museum fire truck from 1939, previously used by Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade.

“I wish the Brigade all the success in using and utilising the new station. It is my hope that you take advantage of the new station to its fullest extent. I also hope that it will attract new people to take part in the operations. Major thanks to all of you for volunteering alongside your other duties and occupations. On behalf of the City, congratulations,” said Daniel Sazonov in his opening ceremony speech.

Moving out of a cramped old station

Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade built a new fire station because its old station in Kamppi, built in 1958, had become cramped due to developments in rescue operations and the operating environment and could not be expanded.

The Brigade’s current fire engines were made before and after the year 2000 as custom orders for the old fire station, and like the station, they are now too small for modern-day requirements. Their technology is becoming outdated, and fire engines of their kind are no longer manufactured. This means that before long, they must be replaced with more modern models, and this called for a fire station suitably large for modern fire engines.

“The new fire station will considerably improve our rescue operations and preparedness. As the world changes around us, so do the duties involved in rescue operations. Therefore, the Jätkäsaari fire station is not just a building, but also a symbol of safety,” comments Head of Security of Supply Services Arto Kolehmainen from Helsinki City Rescue Department.

The Fire Brigade had the fire station built at its own expense and with assistance from the Fire Protection Fund. The construction cost roughly 2.8 million euros.
By contract fire department standards, a fire station project of this size is exceptional in all of Finland. The construction of the station was funded with a loan granted by the City of Helsinki. Interestingly, the transfer of rescue services under state funding and to be organised by wellbeing services counties took place while the fire station was being built.

Accordingly, members of Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade commented that it was lucky for the Brigade that the City granted its loan before Rescue Services was transferred under the responsibility of the wellbeing services county.

One of the most active

Helsinki Voluntary Fire Brigade (Helsingin Vapaaehtoinen Palokunta ry – Helsingfors Frivilliga Brandkår rf) is one of Helsinki City Rescue Department’s 14 contract fire departments, and one of its most active ones.

The Brigade has roughly 160 members, two fire engines, pump equipment and a damage control vehicle. Outside service hours, the vehicles and the staff are ready for departure in 30 minutes. One of the fire engines and a water supply group operated jointly with Tammisalo Voluntary Fire Brigade are constantly ready for departure in 30 minutes.

The Fire Brigade has some hundred missions per year. Its members engage in a total of roughly 12,000 annual voluntary work and hobby hours for the safety of society.


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