Summer delicacies safely from the grill

Publication date 5.6.2024 12.56 | Published in English on 5.6.2024 at 14.52
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Firefighters in a burnt forest.
Wildfires are also a challenge in Helsinki.

As summer begins, barbecuing and the use of fire are always a topic of much discussion. Where are you allowed to barbecue, what does ‘open fire’ mean exactly, and what about wildfire warnings?

It is impossible to give definitive answers that cover every situation, but our aim is to provide instructions that are as clear and simple as possible for barbecuing summer delicacies and using fire:

  • Making a fire is not an everyman’s right, so always find out in advance whether you are allowed to light a fire.
  • Making a fire requires the landowner’s permission. In areas owned by the City of Helsinki, making a fire is only allowed in designated places. In parks, barbecuing is allowed on non-combustible, hard surfaces – never on a lawn, for example. At beaches, barbecuing is only allowed in places built for the purpose. Several outdoor recreation areas feature separate barbecue sites or cooking shelters. Use them; never light a fire anywhere else. In nature reserves and Suomenlinna, barbecuing is prohibited.
  • Never make a fire when a wildfire warning is in force. We also recommend not making a fire during strong winds. The wind can carry sparks great distances.
  • If you make a fire, be prepared to put it out as well. Make sure that you have suitable extinguishing equipment on hand in case of an accident. Never put hot ashes or a disposable grill into a waste container. In the event of an emergency, call 112.
  • When barbecuing, do not focus on other things (this also applies to all other forms of cooking, by the way!). The barbecue site is not a place for running around, playing ball or any kind of tomfoolery.
  • Choose your favourite barbecue delicacies, be sure to drink enough water and enjoy the summer!

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