Helsinki to invest millions in repairing civil defence shelters

Publication date 18.4.2024 14.58 | Published in English on 23.4.2024 at 14.51
Press release
Four men walking in a civil defence shelter
Project managers Tuomo Kinnunen (left) and Risto Ainasoja told Debuty Mayor Daniel Sazonov about the renovation of the Niemenmäki shelter. Next to Sazonov his assistant Jeremias Nurmela.

Renovation of Niemenmäki civil defence shelter completed in March, more shelters to be renovated.

The City of Helsinki will be renovating several civil defence shelters over the coming years. Deputy Mayor Daniel Sazonov stated at the open day at the Niemenmäki civil defence shelter that due to the current state of world affairs, the City has brought the renovation projects of several civil defence shelters forward.

The Itä-Pasila, Karstulantie, Kulosaari and Erottaja civil defence shelters are set to follow the Niemenmäki civil defence shelter. Approximately 25 million euros have been reserved for these projects in the 10-year investment programme of the City. In addition to this, 500 000 euros in funding has been allocated to civil defence material acquisitions this year.

When visiting the Niemenmäki civil defence shelter on Wednesday, Sazonov commended the fact that Finland never did away with two things: general conscription and civil defence. 

“Our allies and partners visit us to learn more about these things”, Sazonov said. 

“Exactly these types of shelters are in high demand today, unfortunately. Civilians are subjected to intentional terror as we speak, and we are ready to protect our civilians. We are not concerned, but we are prepared”, he continued.

The Niemenmäki civil defence shelter was completed in 1964, and the comprehensive renovation was finished in March 2024. The shared shelter is small in terms of the scale of Helsinki; it can accommodate 2 300 people. However, the shelter can protect all of the people in the area in question.


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