Additional funding for the Ministry of the Interior's administrative branch to ensure its operational capacity, economic stimulus measures and the costs of the coronavirus pandemic

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 2.6.2020 21.51
Press release 55/2020

The Government negotiated the fourth supplementary budget proposal for 2020 on Tuesday 2 June. In the supplementary budget proposal, appropriation increases of EUR 10 and 5 million are proposed for the police and the Border Guard to ensure their operational capacity.

An increase of EUR 1.2 million is proposed for the Emergency Response Centre Agency for the maintenance of the Erica data system and the ELS system, and for other development. In addition, an increase of EUR 0.052 million is proposed for the Finnish Immigration Service to secure the resources of the assistance system for victims of human trafficking. 

Support for economic stimulus measures and reduction of carbon footprint 

The Ministry of the Interior is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its administrative branch in line with its commitment to sustainable development. To reduce the carbon footprint of the administrative branch and to revitalise the economy, EUR 0.8 million is proposed for building charging points for hybrid cars at police stations and national police units. An appropriation of EUR 10 million is proposed for reforming the Border Guard’s technical surveillance system for land and sea borders and EUR 5 million for the planning of two new offshore patrol vessels. 

”The Government wants to ensure that internal security operators have sufficient resources to ensure their operational capacity. As part of the economic stimulus measures, we will also promote the Government Programme’s objective of a carbon neutral Finland,” says Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo.

Additional funding to cover the costs arising from the coronavirus pandemic 

The supplementary budget proposal takes into account an increase of EUR 1 million to the police due to the lockdown of the Region of Uusimaa, which was imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. A total of EUR 2 million is proposed for the Border Guard to cover the additional costs incurred by border control at internal borders. 

The Government’s fourth supplementary budget proposal is scheduled to be submitted to Parliament on Friday 5 June.


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