Thirteen people awarded with Life Saving Medals

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 24.5.2017 14.09
Press release 52/2017

The President of the Republic awarded Life Saving Medals to thirteen persons of merit on 24 May. A Life Saving Medal is given in recognition of a deed that has been very brave, resourceful or done while risking one’s own life, and which has resulted in saving another person’s life from danger.

Awardees (merits in brackets):

1) Ali Rezgi (rescuing from homicide)
2) Antti Teivonen (rescuing from a burning car)
3) Hannu Tapio Salminen (rescuing from a burning car)
4) Kosti Juhani Lehto (rescuing from fire)
5) Risto Olavi Pirttinen (rescuing from fire)
6) Petri Einari Katajamäki (rescuing from fire)
7) Veijo Aulis Ruotsalainen (rescuing from ice)
8) Dimitri Palmi (rescuing from fire)
9) Anna-Sofia Marjaana Airo (rescuing from water)
10) Teemu Joonas Taneli Keravuori (rescuing from ice)
11) Nouraddin Gajin Masoumi (rescuing from fire)
12) Esmatollah Rezai (rescuing from water)
13) Ali Sina Heidari (rescuing from water)

The board awarding the Life Saving Medals processed a total of 94 proposals and approved 13.


Arto Tiukkanen, Senior Officer, secretary of the board awarding the Life Saving Medals, Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland, tel. +358 295 016 093,

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