Government proposes a significant increase for the appropriations of the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative branch for 2023

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 19.9.2022 18.35
Press release

The Government proposes approximately EUR 2,274 billion for the administrative branch of the Ministry of the Interior in the 2023 Budget. This is about EUR 689 billion more than in the Budget approved for 2022. The amount is largely explained by the significant increases for internal security and preparedness in the decision on spending limits which the Government made in the spring after Russia had launched its war of aggression.

The Government submitted the budget proposal for 2023 to Parliament on 19 September.

“Finland’s security environment has changed since the start of Russia’s war of aggression. In next year’s Budget, we will continue our significant efforts to strengthen Finland’s internal security and help those fleeing the war in Ukraine,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen.

Maintaining the operational level of the police

The 2023 Budget includes EUR 854 million for the police. The Government proposes an increase of approximately EUR 17.5 million for the police to maintain the current level of operations (7,500 person-years) and EUR 7.76 million to maintain and modernise ICT capabilities. These amounts, together with the increase of EUR 9 million included the decision on spending limits the Government made in spring, should mean that the police will not need to make sharp adjustments to the person-years at this stage.

“During this government term, we have increased the number of police officers to 7,500. We will adhere to this level next year as we seek to ensure that people can have safety and security in their daily lives wherever they live in Finland. We must also secure the operation of the police in the coming years by both increasing financing on a long-term basis and seeking additional means to stabilise the police finances,” says Minister Mikkonen.

The budget proposal also includes Government’s other increases for the police:

  • EUR 0.854 million for the comprehensive reform of legislation on sexual offences,
  • EUR 0.332 million for offsetting the free provision of executive assistance for child welfare and emergency social services,
  • EUR 0.565 million for urgent processing of offences against children, and
  • EUR 0.285 million for improving the effectiveness of restraining orders.

In order to respond to changes in the operating environment, the budget proposal strengthens the resources and capabilities of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service in accordance with the decision on spending limits.

Many more rescue workers to be trained in the coming years

It is estimated that by 2030, the number of rescue workers would need to be increased by 1,000 compared to the current number in training. This would ensure the future provision of essential rescue services for safety and security. However, the increase would mean doubling rescue training provision from 2024 to 2030. Such an increase in the number of student places will require extra staff, both for planning and teaching. To plan the increase in the number of student places, the Government proposes an increase of EUR 0.6 million for Pelastusopisto, the Emergency Services Academy Finland.

“Next year, we will prepare to double the number of student places in rescue worker training from 2024 onwards. We cannot respond to the shortage of rescue workers without increasing the number of students. We must maintain rescue services as a local service that ensures safety and security in our daily lives now and in the future,” says Minister Krista Mikkonen.

The Government proposes EUR 0.88 million for arranging the national management of rescue services and preparedness and for ensuring performance, and a small increase of EUR 0.08 million for developing the content of rescue worker qualifications.

In accordance with the decision on spending limits, the Government proposes EUR 2.35 million for the Emergency Response Centre Agency for reforming the emergency response system to improve the cyber security and reliability of emergency response centre operations. 

Stronger border security

The Government proposes an increase of EUR 30 million for the Border Guard in line with the decision on spending limits to increase critical capabilities and resilience. This will strengthen the ability to maintain border security, safeguard territorial integrity and manage large-scale entry into Finland. The Government proposes an increase of EUR 1.7 million for the Border Guard cyber capabilities and an appropriation of EUR 163 million for the Border Guard to purchase two new surveillance aircraft.

Influx of refugees to continue

In accordance with the spring decision on spending limits, the Government proposes an increase of EUR 458 million for 2023 for financing the entry and reception of those fleeing Ukraine, an increase of EUR 6.142 million, and an appropriation of EUR 1 million for ICT development, for the Finnish Immigration Service to speed up the processing of permits and to increase automation.

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