Finland sent back-up generators and medical supplies to Ukraine

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 9.11.2022 14.24
Press release
loading a truck.
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Finland has been providing Ukraine with more civilian material assistance over the course of October–November. On 18 October, Finland sent one truckload of back-up generators badly needed by Ukraine and two truckloads of personal protective equipment were sent in early November. The material assistance was provided through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism.

“Russia’s ruthless war of aggression has been going on for more than eight months, and unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the war. As winter approaches, Russia has targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. The situation is grave for the civilian population. Ukraine is now in very serious need of supplies for the energy sector, among other things. It is our duty to help. Finland will continue to deliver the assistance that Ukraine has requested,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen. 

Since February, Finland has sent 31 truckloads of civilian material assistance to Ukraine and four to Moldova. Six fire engines and 13 ambulances have also been sent to Ukraine. The monetary value of the civilian material assistance is over three million euros. Several sets of deliveries with a combined value of several million euros are currently being prepared.

In addition, Finland has sent experts to Poland, Moldova, Slovakia and the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) to help coordinate the assistance delivered through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism. The ERCC coordinates the assistance to Ukraine and the neighbouring regions through the Civil Protection Mechanism.  

Need for assistance will continue in Ukraine for a long time

The aid operation is exceptional and the need for assistance is expected to continue for a long time. As a result of intensified attacks in recent weeks, there is a massive need for supplies for the energy sector, in particular. Rescue workers work in difficult conditions to protect the civilian population and will continue to need different kinds of material assistance. Ukraine currently needs medicines, first aid supplies, shelters, water purification tablets, mine clearance equipment, CBRN protective and counter-measure materials, back-up generators and fuels. However, the needs are changing all the time.  

The Ministry of the Interior is coordinating donations by businesses, organisations and public administration. The best way private individuals can help is by donating money to aid organisations. The donated items and supplies are delivered to those in need of assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and in cooperation with the responsible authorities in Ukraine. The assistance provided through the Civil Protection Mechanism is coordinated by the European Commission. This will ensure that donations can be monitored and reach their destination.

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