Finland continues active support for Ukrainian authorities

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 23.10.2023 11.00
Press release

Finland and the EU have continued their active support for the Ukrainian authorities to mitigate the effects of the Russian attacks. The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the assistance that Finland sends to Ukraine through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism together with the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre ERCC. Most of the material sent to Ukraine has been donated by private and public sector operators.

Ukraine has extensive needs for supplies and equipment, and Finland is sending a wide variety of assistance. Last month, Finland sent energy sector supplies, vehicles, IT supplies, and equipment collected through the Laptops for Ukraine campaign. Finland is currently putting together aid packages for the energy sector, water sector, rescue services, and health care sector, for example. 

- Finland is now sending nine rescue vehicles from four wellbeing services counties, but every rescue department has been active in supporting Ukraine. Finland donated four ambulances and one fire engine to Ukraine in the summer. Assistance for rescue services makes up about 20 per cent of all the assistance Finland has sent Ukraine through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism, said Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen

Supporting the education sector

Finland sent a large shipment of school furniture to Ukraine at the beginning of October. The logistics were handled in cooperation with the National Emergency Supply Agency. Many schools have been destroyed or taken into other use during the war, which has hindered the ability of Ukrainian children to attend school. In a prolonged war, it is important to support Ukraine’s education sector to prevent children from suffering. 

Support for the education sector accounts for about 10 per cent of the total assistance that Finland has sent Ukraine through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism. This assistance includes 15 school buses and more than 10 truckloads of school furniture. Finland has also sent schools sports equipment, for example.  

Preparing for winter 

One of the most pressing needs this autumn is preparing for the coming winter. Last winter, Russia systematically tried to destroy Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which caused shortages of light and heat, among other things. The coming winter is not expected to be any easier, and Russia is expected to continue targeting energy infrastructure. 

- In preparing for the winter, Ukraine has stated that its priorities include support for the energy sector; heaters; necessities such as winter clothes, winter tents, blankets and pillows for people displaced inside the country; and supplies for maintaining road infrastructure, such as salt. Donations through humanitarian organisations are the most effective way for private people to help, said Senior Coordinator Heikki Honkanen from the Ministry of the Interior.  

Two hundred and eighty truckloads of aid sent so far

In addition to 280 truckloads of material assistance, a total of 65 vehicles, such as rescue vehicles and buses, have been sent to Ukraine. Finland has also provided expert assistance to support the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries and received patients in need of medical care evacuated from Ukraine. 

In addition to modular housing funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the largest recipients of Finland’s assistance have been the healthcare, rescue services and energy sectors, where the need for assistance has remained high for a long time. The need for assistance will remain high, and the importance of energy will increase as the autumn progresses. 

The Ministry of the Interior would like to thank all those who have donated civilian material assistance for their considerable help. Supporting Ukraine is a long-term endeavour that is unlikely to end soon.

Laura Haussalo, Senior Coordinator, tel. +358 295 488 655, 
Heikki Honkanen, Senior Coordinator, tel. +358 295 488 565, 

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