Fence on the eastern border and rescue services to receive the largest budget increases in the Ministry of the Interior’s branch of government

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 17.11.2022 13.32
Press release

The Government proposes approximately EUR 217 million for the Ministry of the Interior's branch of government in the amendment to the 2023 budget proposal. 

Preparations to increase the number of rescue trainees and the provision of material assistance to Ukraine will continue 

The Government proposes an increase of EUR 0.4 million for the operating expenditure of the Ministry of the Interior to secure the additional resources needed for directing rescue services in the wellbeing services counties. An appropriation of approximately EUR 60 million outside the spending limits, which would be received from the EU, is proposed for next year’s Budget for CBRN storage under the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism. The CBRN project will be launched if the EU grants the appropriation. An increase of EUR 0.51 million is proposed for the Emergency Services Academy Finland for the preparations to increase the number of rescue trainees. An increase of EUR 5 million is proposed for civilian material assistance due to the war in Ukraine. A temporary grant of EUR 0.2 million is proposed for 2023 for the Finnish Air Rescue Society, the umbrella organisation for voluntary air rescue operations.

“In recent days Russia has again intensified its attacks against Ukrainian civilians. Since there is no end in sight to this cruel war, the need for our assistance continues. Finland's civil material assistance to Ukraine has included back-up generators, medication and emergency shelters. As before, we will listen to Ukraine’s requests and provide assistance accordingly. People in Finland have shown great will to help Ukrainians, and I hope they will continue to do so,” says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen

“Rescue services are important both in normal times and during crises. In the amendment to the budget proposal, the Government continues to prepare for doubling the number of rescue service trainees to address the severe shortage of rescue workers,” Minister Mikkonen says.

Fence on the eastern border will improve border management

The Government proposes that EUR 139 million be allocated to the Border Guard for the construction of the first phase of the fence on the eastern border. The pilot project will be launched with an appropriation of EUR 6 million included in the fourth supplementary budget for 2022. The experiences gained from the pilot will be utilised later in the project.

“For next year's Budget, the Government proposes financing in accordance with the Border Guard's proposal, on which the parliamentary parties also reached a consensus at their meeting. The purpose of the financing is to start building a border fence for a section of the eastern border based on the experiences gained from the pilot project. The Border Guard considers that the fence, which is to be built in critical sections of the border, will significantly increase border security, especially if attempts are made to use large-scale immigration to exert pressure on Finland,” says Minister of the Interior Mikkonen.

Police to receive increases for preparedness and implementation of new legislation

The Government proposes an increase of EUR 1.5 million for the police for preparedness and readiness. EUR 1.21 million is proposed for the economic impact of the reform of the Driving Licence Act in accordance with the government proposal and EUR 0.191 million for the economic impact of the government proposal on the transport of dangerous goods. 

Border Guard’s appropriation to be increased due to preparations for NATO membership

The Government proposes that EUR 1.2 million be allocated to the Border Guard to meet the needs arising from Finland’s future NATO membership. With respect to the needs of other agencies in the Ministry's branch of government, the appropriations are scheduled to be reviewed in the first supplementary budget for 2023.

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