Emergency material assistance supplied to Ukraine for two years

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 23.2.2024 13.52
Press release

The second anniversary of the beginning of the Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine in its entirety will be this week on 24 February 2024. However, one anniversary was already observed last week on 15 February, when it had been exactly two years since the activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism following Ukraine’s request for assistance.

Finland the third most active provider of assistance

Over a period of two years, Ukraine has requested assistance 182 times and, as a result, European countries have made a total of 3,381 offers of assistance to Ukraine through the Civil Protection Mechanism. Finland has been the third most active provider of assistance with its 276 offers of assistance. 

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the provision of material emergency assistance to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The range of assistance provided is broad and covers practically everything other than military equipment. Finland has already sent nearly 300 truckloads of material assistance to Ukraine, including large amounts of assistance for the energy sector, healthcare and rescue services.

Emergency material assistance supports Ukraine's resilience by maintaining the capacity of the Ukrainian authorities and society and by reducing the impact of Russian attacks.

-    It is fundamental to provide assistance, as this is a quick and effective way of remedying, for example, the destroyed energy infrastructure or rapidly addressing the deficiencies in healthcare caused by the war. We at the Ministry of the Interior are also prioritising the provision of support for Ukraine, says Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen

Finland to continue active provision of emergency assistance to Ukraine 

Most recently, Finland has supplied transformers, generators, electricity network components, a large water tank, food containers, children's hospital supplies, infusion pumps, mobility aids and other types of hospital supplies to Ukraine. Ukraine's need for assistance will continue to be immense and cut through all of society in the future, which is why Finland and its partners and allies must continue to provide active assistance to Ukraine. 

Ukraine needs support in maintaining society’s critical functions and infrastructure. Energy sector needs include transformers, generators, heating equipment and supplies that protect the energy infrastructure, such as gabion baskets and sandbags. The maintenance of water management requires equipment and supplies related to water purification. Support is also needed to maintain the road and telecommunications infrastructure, including things such as road salt and ICT equipment. 

 In addition to vehicles and rescue equipment, support for humanitarian mine clearance and preparedness for CBRN threats is needed in rescue services. Essential healthcare needs include medicines, various medical supplies and devices as well as mobility aids.

Assistance from Finland through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism

In addition to nearly 300 truckloads of assistance, a total of 76 vehicles, including rescue service vehicles and buses, have been sent to Ukraine.

Emergency material assistance supplied to Ukraine for two years. A total of nearly 300 truckloads of material assistance have been sent. We want to thak everyone who has donated so far!

The monetary value of material assistance is approximately EUR 20 million, largely based on the materials’ depreciation prices. A large part of the material assistance sent is donations from different sectors of society. We extend our gratitude all the companies, agencies, municipalities, wellbeing services counties, organisations and other actors that have made donations, says Specialist Heikki Honkanen from the Ministry of the Interior. 

In addition to emergency material assistance, the Civil Protection Mechanism has also been used for the provision of expert assistance to support the operation of the Mechanism in Ukraine's neighbouring countries and for receiving patients in need of medical care evacuated from Ukraine. Support for Ukraine is a long-term and complex process that is not expected to end in the near future.

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