Bonfires may not be lit while forest and grass fire warnings are in force

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 21.6.2022 13.44
Press release

Every year, Midsummer bonfires lead to forest fires. Most of the fires are due to poor preparations or carelessness. The Ministry of the Interior would like to remind the public that it is always prohibited to light a bonfire when the Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a forest fire or grass fire warning.

No exceptions will be granted for lighting bonfires. The Ministry of the Interior urges people to check the latest fire warnings for forest fires or grass fires in the area from a local weather forecast or from the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

In addition, bonfires may not be lit if, because of drought, wind or other reasons, the conditions are such that there is a manifest risk of a forest fire, grass fire or other fire. Regional rescue authorities may also, on reasonable grounds, prohibit the making of open fires in their rescue service regions or parts of them for a specific period of time. All inquiries concerning the lighting of bonfires should be submitted to the rescue department in question. 

If there are no forest or grass fire warnings in the area, people should exercise special caution in the lighting of bonfires. Lighting a bonfire on someone else’s land requires permission from the landowner.


Pasi Ryynänen, Director of Unit,  tel. +358 295 488 326,

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