Escape soom safety inspections to start in Uusimaa

Publication date 2.10.2023 9.55 | Published in English on 2.10.2023 at 10.01
Press release
Four members of the Helsinki Rescue Department's management team in the escape room.
Members of the Helsinki Rescue Department's management team visited the escape room in summer 2023.

This autumn, rescue departments in Uusimaa are carrying out inspections on escape rooms, following the previous nationwide round of inspections in 2019.

The objective is to evaluate current safety conditions and safety development of escape rooms within Uusimaa.

The rescue departments are not aware of any significant accidents occurring in escape rooms - the goal is simply to proactively identify and address potential risks. In addition to targeted inspection rounds, regular monitoring of escape rooms has been ongoing between 2019 and 2023.

During this autumn’s inspection round, nearly all escape rooms in Uusimaa will be inspected, encompassing around 30 venues. Based on the findings, the rescue departments may issue corrective orders to escape room operators or property owners to address observed safety deficiencies.

Inspections are scheduled to not interfere with customers’ experiences, and there is no associated cost to the escape room operators.
The results of these inspections will be published by the Uusimaa rescue departments later this autumn or in early winter.

In the 2019 inspection round, about a third of Uusimaa escape rooms had serious deficiencies, less than half had minor ones, and approximately 20 percent had none. 


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