Finland to send wildfire preparedness expert to Czechia

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 1.3.2024 13.54
Press release
Esa Ikäheimo

Czechia has requested assistance in preparing for wildfires through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Finland responds to the request by sending a risk management expert to join the EU’s international team in the country. 

Czechia aims to enhance preparedness for and prevention of forest fires. The country has requested assistance for preparedness work through the EU Civil protection Mechanism. The serious forest fires in 2022 alerted the country to the need for enhancing preparedness. 

Finland responds to the request by sending a risk management expert to a three-week assignment in Czechia.

Finland is an active provider of expert assistance

International civil protection operations refer to the provision of assistance under international treaties and legislation. Operations are undertaken in situations such as natural or man-made disasters and incidents that overwhelm the country’s own response capacities.

Finland participates in international civil protection operations through the European Union and international organisations. Any country can request assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism if it faces a crisis that it cannot handle alone. Requests for assistance are coordinated by the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), operating under the European Commission. Assistance provided through the Civil Protection Mechanism is based on national resources. The assistance may take the form of specialised rescue teams or expert and material assistance.

The Ministry of the Interior decides on the provision of international assistance in the field of rescue services, that is, civil protection. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is the employer of seconded experts and bears responsibility for the training, recruitment and logistics of experts and the practical implementation of international civil protection operations.

Pekka Tiainen, Senior Specialist, Department for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior
tel. +358 50 456 4477, 

Jukka Räsänen, Planning Officer, International civil protection, Emergency Services Academy Finland
tel. +358 295 453 689

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