Additional common EU reserves to be established in Finland, value of projects to rise to EUR 305 million

Ministry of Social Affairs and HealthMinistry of the Interior
Publication date 20.12.2023 15.10
Press release
Additional common EU capacities will be needed to help earthquake victims, for example.

Additional common EU reserves will be established in Finland. The new reserves will contain supplies such as medicines, medical supplies and medical devices, and they are part of the rescEU project. Finland has received a total of EUR 305 million in funding from the European Commission for the establishment of the reserves

At the beginning of 2023, the Commission allocated EUR 242 million to Finland for the development of a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear strategic reserve. Supplies such as personal protective equipment, measuring equipment and medical materials will be stockpiled in the reserve. 

Now Finland has been given a new project of EUR 62.9 million, which will establish a new set of reserves. The new project will stockpile medical materials, such as small devices, surgical instruments and medical supplies. The reserve will also contain radiation meters and medicines needed in prehospital emergency medical care and surgical treatment. 

Ready for deployment within 12 hours

The reserves are common to all EU countries, and they are created under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism established in 2001. A country may request assistance through the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre if it does not have sufficient capabilities to respond to an emergency. The Mechanism has responded to European wildfires and delivered assistance to the earthquake-affected areas of Türkiye and Syria and to Ukraine since the start of Russia's invasion. 

The building of the EU’s strategic rescEU capacities started in 2019, and they are located in several EU countries. The other Nordic countries besides Finland that have rescEU capacities are Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Finland’s reserves will also strengthen preparedness in the Baltic Sea region. 

The material stockpiled in Finland must be ready for deployment to the requesting country within 12 hours once the offer for assistance has been accepted. The first batches of supplies of the new reserves should be ready for deployment in early 2025.  

Reserves improve Finland’s national preparedness 

- The new reserves will considerably improve the preparedness of Finland and our neighbouring areas. We will also improve our ability to provide and accept international assistance. The new funding proves that we are a strong member state of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and that our expertise is trusted. One of Finland’s strengths in the implementation of the project is broad cooperation between authorities, says Minister of the Interior Mari Rantanen

- The new funding will primarily be used to purchase medicines and other healthcare supplies, which means that the healthcare sector has an important role to play in the project. The project will facilitate EU-level preparation for various threats to the health of the population, says Minister of Social Security Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

The Ministry of the Interior will carry out the project in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the National Emergency Supply Agency and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. The project will run until autumn 2026. The Ministry of the Interior acts as the national competent authority for the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. 

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For images of rescEU activities, see the European Commission’s image bank.

20.12. Commission's press release on new funding decisions for rescEU capacity

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