Fire officer Harri Hopponen is Stadin brankkari 2023

Publication date 29.9.2023 15.29 | Published in English on 4.10.2023 at 16.13
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Fire officer Harri Hopponen is Stadin brankkari 2023
Fire officer Harri Hopponen is Stadin brankkari 2023

A respected, multitalented and good leader who knows how to listen and be present. This is how the colleagues of fire officer Harri Hopponen, named Stadin brankkari 2023, describe their coworker.

Fire officer Harri Hopponen from Malmi Fire Station is the recipient of the Stadin brankkari firefighter award this year. 

Hopponen has made a long career in rescue services. The selection criteria states that Hopponen does not draw attention to himself and that he has many talents and special skills. 
According to his colleagues, Hopponen manages his team well and creates a positive atmosphere. He knows how to listen to the personnel. He is present, and, above all, it feels good to be on a shift with him. 

“It says almost everything about this person. Who would not want to feel good about going to work and to be able to trust and confide in their supervisor? Personally, I value good personnel management very highly in these changing times”, says Rescue Manager Marko Rostedt.

He adds that the Stadin brankkari award is going to the right person: Hopponen leads from the front, and at the same time, he knows how to take his team members’ views into account and lead them as individuals. 

“Good leadership also builds mental wellbeing and helps the team cope with their work in the front line”, Rostedt states. 

To Stadin brankkari Harri Hopponen, the award was a complete surprise. 

“I feel the recognition is for our entire work community, not just me alone”, Hopponen says.

He adds:

“There can hardly be a better team. It feels good to come to work in each shift: I have never been in a bad mood about going to work.”

Hopponen is praised as a multitalented specialist. He is part of the Maritime Incident Response Group, for example.

Hopponen started working at Helsinki Rescue Department in 1993. He had already been doing shifts before that, at the time of the Rescue School, since 1991. He first worked at Haaga Fire Station. These days, he is stationed at Malmi Fire Station. 

Each year

Each year, the personnel of Helsinki Rescue Department choose the person to receive the Stadin brankkari award.

The Rescue Department started to grant the award in 2011 to distinguished firefighter-paramedics, fire officers or station officers who work in the front line of rescue and emergency care services. 

The choice is made based on a vote by colleagues. The criteria include professional skills, motivation, team spirit, respect, initiative, leading by example, fairness, integrity, humanity, extensive skills, excellent work performance, exceptional sacrifice and commitment to the profession, the City of Helsinki and the Rescue Department.

The previous recipients of the award are 
Petri Pitkäjärvi 2022
Johan Majuri 2021
Karim Lounes 2020
Valentin Haralambiev 2019 
Mika Korhonen 2018
Mika Jyrkämö 2017
Sami Sotikoff 2016
Pekka Halkosaari 2015
Jyrki Oksanen 2014
Marko Tuominen 2013
Timo Aaltonen 2012
Juha Tarvainen 2011


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