Finland to send heated tents to Hungary for use as temporary refugee shelters

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 21.9.2015 8.09
Press release

Press release from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of the Interior will send 192 large tents suitable for winter conditions to Hungary through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The tents will be used to accommodate refugees arriving in the country. They are sent to respond to Hungary's request for assistance to EU Member States and other states participating in the Mechanism to provide temporary accommodation, especially tents, suitable for winter conditions.

To provide the assistance, the Ministry of the Interior has worked closely with the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command. The Ministry will purchase the tents from the Defences Forces and send them to Hungary early this week. To maintain their domestic accommodation capacity, the Defence Forces will acquire the same amount of new tents in Finland.

Eero Kytömaa, Ministerial Adviser , tel. +358 40 838 2902

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