Finland to send experts in international civil protection to combat forest fires in Greece

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 29.7.2022 11.05
Press release

By decision of the Ministry of the Interior, Finland is sending 50 rescue workers to Greece to help manage wildfires. The Emergency Services Academy is the employer of the posted experts.

Greece has requested assistance from the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism in the management of wildfires. This is the first time that assistance has been requested in advance through the Civil Protection Mechanism.

The Emergency Services Academy is responsible for the training, recruitment and material logistics of the posted rescue workers. All departing rescue workers are included in the register of international rescue experts at the Emergency Services Academy.

The rescue workers will leave in two groups. The first group will leave on 1 August and the second group will leave on 15 August. Both groups will work in Greece for approximately 15 days. The groups will be led by Peter Johansson, Chief Executive Officer of Rescue Services of Eastern Uusimaa, and Petri Lyttinen, Executive Fire Officer of Eastern Uusimaa, who were selected from the national register of experts at the Emergency Services Academy.

Finland is an active provider of expert assistance

International civil protection operations refer to the provision of assistance to other countries and reception of assistance in Finland under international treaties and legislation. Such situations include natural or man-made disasters and incidents when the affected country lacks adequate resources. Finland participates in international civil protection operations through the European Union and international organisations, as well as in accordance with bilateral and multilateral international treaties.

The Ministry of the Interior decides on the provision of international assistance in the field of rescue services, that is civil protection. The Emergency Services Academy is responsible for the training, recruitment and logistics of experts and the practical implementation of international civil protection operations.

Rami Ruuska, Senior Officer for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 29 548 8424
Pasi Ryynänen, Director of Unit, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 29 548 8326

The Emergency Services Academy:
Matti Inkeroinen (27 July – 5 August) 
Coordinator of International Rescue Operations
+358 29 545 3547
Tero Lähdesmäki (8–12 August) 
Training Officer
+358 29 545 3430
Jari Korpela (15–31 August)
Head of Training 
+358 29 545 3480

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