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Pelastusharjoitus Turun Tuomiokirkon tornista.

Rescue operations

Rescue operations consist of urgent tasks to save and protect people, property and the environment in the event of a threat or accident and to limit the damage caused by said accident and mitigate its consequences.

First aid

Rescue department provides first aid services in its area in cooperation with the hospital district.

Accident prevention

Accident prevention aims to reduce the likelihood of an accident and to prepare to lessen the damage caused by an accident.

Security communications

The rescue service takes care of the guidance, counselling and safety communication related to rescue operations in its area. The aim is to prevent fires and other accidents, to prepare for accident prevention, to take appropriate action in the event of accidents and incidents and to limit their consequences.


Preparedness secures the functioning of society in all situations.
Preparedness includes a contingency plan by rescue services or a rescue plan at property level, technical and structural preparations made in advance, such as reserve power and civil protection, training and preparedness training, and the provision of personnel, facilities and critical materials.

Turvallisuus- ja alkusammutus koulutukset

Pelastuslaitos tarjoaa turvallisuuskoulutuksia oppilaitoksille ja työpaikoille.

Service price list

Some of the rescue services are chargeable. The board of the Rescue Department has confirmed the service price list.