All of Finnish society has come together to help Ukraine

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 3.6.2022 12.44
Press release

Ukraine is under attack by Russia. Finland is providing support to Ukraine both nationally and through the European Union. In addition to financial aid granted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland has sent over EUR 2 million in civilian material assistance to Ukraine and its neighbouring regions through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The material assistance has included emergency shelters, ambulances, fire engines, rescue service supplies, medicines and medical supplies. The assistance has been possible thanks to donations from organisations, businesses and public administration operators. 

“As of the first day of the war in Ukraine, the willingness of Finns to help the Ukrainians has been strong. The concern raised by the Russian attack turned into immediate action. It has been wonderful to see how willing Finnish people and organisations have been to help. I’d like to thank all those involved for the help you have provided so far”, says Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen

Need for assistance will continue in Ukraine for a long time

The aid operation is exceptional and the need for assistance is expected to continue for a long time to come. In Finland, the donations from businesses, organisations and public administration are coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior. For private individuals, the most effective way to help is by donating money to aid organisations. The donated items and supplies are delivered to those in need of assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and in cooperation with the responsible authorities in Ukraine. The assistance provided through the Civil Protection Mechanism is coordinated by the European Commission. This will ensure that donations can be monitored and reach their destination.

Currently, the most urgent need in Ukraine in terms of civilian supplies is for food (dried food and meal packages), fuel, reserve power supplies and protective equipment against chemical substances. There is also shortage of medical supplies, rescue service supplies, information and communications technology equipment and seeds. However, the needs are changing all the time.  


Pekka Tiainen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 295 488 227, pekka.tiainen@govsec.fi

Pauliina Eskola, Director of International Affairs, tel. +358 295 488 263, pauliina.eskola@govsec.fi


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