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According to section 48 of the Rescue Act (379/2011), the rescue service must prepare an external rescue plan in the event of an accident in areas of particular danger. The plan shall be drawn up in cooperation with the operator concerned. The rescue service consults the population at risk and provides information on the plan.

The external rescue plan is a pragmatic guidance document prepared for the major-accident hazards in the area. External rescue plans are reviewed annually and updated at least every three years. Major-accident drills related to external rescue plans shall be held at least every three years.

In the area of the Kymenlaakso rescue department, uniform safety data sheets have been prepared for the areas of the external rescue plans for the Kotka, Hamina and Kouvola areas (under).

Safety Information Bulletin for Major Accident 2020 (Kouvola, Kotka, Hamina)

Kymenlaakso area (png, pdf)
Hamina rail yard (png, pdf)
Hamina harbour (png, pdf)
Kotka Mussalo (png, pdf)
Kotkansaari (png, pdf)
Kotka Sunila (png, pdf)
Kouvola Inkeroinen (png, pdf)
Kouvola Kaipiainen (png, pdf)
Kouvola center (png, pdf)